Friday, 26 October 2012

Moving Time! From Apartment 1018 to 2322!

Well hasn't it been a while since I last made a post!

Why? Because the past few weeks I've been MOVING! On October 11th, four out of my five roommates finished up their contracts and had to move back home. It was a sad, sad day. We woke up and all sat in the living room writing in eachother's goodbye books, crying. I ended up going to the airport with my Norwegian roommate, Marthe whom I shared a room with. It was sooooooo weird saying goodbye to her. She was one of my good friends down here, and someone who I lived and shared a lot with. It was so hard to see her leave. I really did not know what to do with myself.

When I went home after the airport the room and apartment was pretty much empty. Such a weird feeling. However, at the same time I was almost excited to see what my new apartment had to offer me and who my new roommates would be. I finished packing that night and went to bed.

Slowly but surely getting our room packed up

MOVING day came... and so did the last few hectic days following that. Housing only gave Michelle and I from 11:30 am to 7 pm to move in. We did not only have our own stuff to move, but our roommates who just left, gave us so much of their stuff, which was really nice of them, but hard to move. HOUSING IS CRAZY. We were only allowed a short time to move due to mine and my roommates "request" of wanting to stick together and due to the availibility in The Commons (the neighborhood/complex we live in). We did not get started until 12:30 pm. We found out we were moving into 2322! "The Ghetto" as people like to call it (since its pretty much at the very end of our complex), and we had no car, and no carts for the first few hours. We walked back and forth with boxes, suitcases and everything about 50842934092 times. Finally my Canadian friend Laura came to help out while Michelle had to go work in the German pavilion, and we finally got carts and wagons from security to help with the move. It was a long, long day. The only plus side of having so much stuff to carry over to the new place is that Michelle and I now have a grocery store in our closest, bedroom, and kitchen. Our roomies who left gave us all their shampoos, soaps, lotions, cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning supplies, blankets, food, etc. etc. We had so much stuff we decided to give some away to our friends and to the new people who recently just came to work for Disney World. And thats the beautiful part about it. We all help out one another down here! Everyone shares and everyones in the same situations.


FINALLY Michelle and I are just about settled in. So far we LOVE it. The place is so nice! It's a loft styled apartment. So you walk up the stairs and then you enter into the living room and kitchen. We also have a balcony that I'm sitting on right now as I post this blog. The layout of our room is pretty neat, however, our closest and washroom is much, much smaller then our old place. Did I mention we live in an EIGHT bedroom apartment. hahah. That was what I was scared of. Buuuut, I was wrong. I absolutelyy love it and I love my roommates already! Although our apartment has a ton of girls, we have a cleaning schedule and everything. The house is all decorated and it is so much more 'homey' than my old apartment. I really like it. I now live with three German girls (Michelle, Julia, Svea), one Norweigian (Malin), one Italian (Olimpia), one South African (Annecke), and one Chinese (Mary). They are probably some of the sweetest and friendliest girls here. They were so welcoming and accomodating. It was much different then my first move down here.

On my first morning, I woke up to the sound of few of the girls sitting in the living room together laughing. I smiled and knew this move was the next great thing I had coming for me down here. :)

Eileen McDonald

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